Jeseka Price is an American BMI: Songwriter, Composer & Publisher at Price Royalty Publishing; She is also the Founder & Editor of Jestificated Hip-Hop site, ranked #50 out of the Top #100 Hip Hop website/Blogs in 2018-till Present & "Globally".

She was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and raised in Houston, Texas where she soon developed a great passion for music, writing, and the entertainment industry. Next, Jeseka was chosen by the Recording Academy/Grammys, to become a District Advocate.

Last, Jeseka became a Publisher Affiliate with the Rumblefish/ HFA (Harry Fox Agency) plus an active Professional Voting Member with the "Songwriters Hall of Fame" Association; While she is also a Member of the 'National Music Publishers Association (NMPA)

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"Ride With Royalty" -New Song Alert!

Aug 19 2020

My Latest October 27th 2020 Release is called..."RIDE WITH ROYALTY" Now Streaming On ALL PLATFORMS

This Track is a Total 80's Vibe and will take you back in time, and in a good way!

Also, it's definitely a great fitness, workout, motivational, party, lounge, cycling, running, film, commercial, advertising & family-friendly instrumental Electronic House genre song. Lyrics are not needed...but the perfect sound I am seeking is one of the following types:

"The Weeknd x Michael Jackson x Dua Lipa x H.E.R. x Ellie Goulding x Travis Scott"

So, if that is you or you know of someone with a similar sound, I would love to collaborate... lets go!!!
I have written the song-lyrical composition in my head, lol but will soon put it to PDF & Pimp the Pen for whoever is a good fit. Also, I am open to Co-Writing the song as well, so that maybe an option.

Reach out if this is you or if you have an interest in licensing this song for a sync opportunity etc.


Go Check It Out!

Thank you,
Jeseka Price

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