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Short Song Description:
Total 80's Vibe....This song will take you back in time, and in a good way!
Long Song Description:
Same as the Short/Story behind the song info
Story Behind the Song:
This Track is definitely a great fitness, workout, motivational, party, lounge, cycling, running and family oriented song, no lyrics are needed...but the perfect sound I am seeking is one of the following types:

"The Weeknd x Michael Jackson x Dua Lipa x H.E.R. x Ellie Goulding x Travis Scott"

So, if that is you or you know of someone with a similar sound, I would love to collaborate... lets go!!!
I have written the song-lyrical composition in my head, lol but will soon put it to PDF & Pimp the Pen for whoever is a good fit. Also, I am open to Co-Writing the song as well, so that maybe an option.

Reach out if this is you or if you have an interest in licensing this song for a sync opp etc.

Total 80's Vibe....This song will take you back in time, and in a good way!
Lyric Credits: TBD - (self) Pending which Artist/Label to Pitch My Songwriting Lyrics to
Music Credits: Jeseka Price and Larinov Matvey
Producer Credits: Larinov Matvey
Publisher Credits: Price Royalty Publishing
Performance Credits: TBD- Artist
Label Credits: Price Royalty Music -PRM
Song Length: 3:51
Primary Genre: Electronic-General
Secondary Genre: Electronic-Dance
Tempo / Feel: Very Fast (171 And Up)
Lead Vocal: Instrumental
Subject Matter 1: Energy
Subject Matter 2: Youth
Mood 1: On Cloud Nine
Mood 2: Ecstatic
Similar Artist 1: The Weeknd
Language: English
Era: 1980 - 1989